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Custom Cable Assemblies and Specialty Cables

- Cable Design
- Cable Engineering
- Cable Manufacturing
- Rubber and Plastic Molding Services
- Off the Shelf and Custom Rubber and Plastic Strain Relief, Cable Grommets, Strain Relief Bushings, Cable Boots, Strain Relief Fittings, etc.

Cutting Edge Technologies and Materials, Innovative Designs and Full Customer Support!

RoHS Compliant Cables

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Industrial Cables

Over-Molded Industrial Cables - Design, Engineering, Manufacturing

Lemo-Plug-250wOur company offers design, engineering, and manufacturing for industrial cables for both standard and custom applications. We also provide injection molding for a wide variety of electrical connectors. Please see below some of our industrial cables:

     Industrial Cables with MIL-C-5015 Style Connectors
     Industrial Cables with AMP CPC Connectors
     Industrial Cables with Lemo Style Connectors
     Industrial Cables with Mini Din and Din Connectors
     Industrial Cables with Burndy Trim Trio Style Connectors
     Industrial Cables with MIL-C-26482 Style Connectors
     Industrial Cables with 97 Series Connectors
     Industrial Cables with Switchcraft EN3 Connectors
     Industrial Cables with Fisher Connectors
     Custom Industrial Cables

Over the years we developed tooling for molding industrial cables. These are standard and are available to order from our catalog. Please contact us to request access to our catalog of injection mold tooling.

Injection Mold Tooling for Industrial Cables
Standard injection mold tooling for industrial cables with electrical connectors, such as Fisher, Burndy, Lemo, etc.
Rectangular Automotive 250wCustom injection mold tooling for industrial cables
Flexible Strain Relief, Solid Strain Relief, Ribbed Strain Relief Solutions
Internal pre-mold in addition to the outer final mold for structural integrity and improved strain relief
180 degree, 90 degree and 45 degree cable exits
Improved strain relief and mechanical structure for the wire terminations and cable flex life
Maximum versatility in tool design, the modular design approach used by us allows for many optional configurations and interchangeable mold sections
Low cost molding systems

Support agreements provide for the following:
2D and 3D, downloadable cable engineering drawings in the most popular CAD formats
Drawings available as Pro-E, IGES, Catia, Autocad etc. for end customer use
Price lists for all standard molds and mold accessory items
Premium lead-time schedule
Hotline support for new product drawings
Discount, based on support agreement level

Contact us Today for a Quick Quote on Standard and Custom Industrial Cables,
 Injection Molding Services & Injection Mold Tooling for Industrial Cables



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